Saturday, July 30, 2011


Don't talk to strangers,
You must comprehend;
I give you a warning,
Not all grown-ups are friends.

I teach you about manners,
And when to be polite,
But I also enlighten you
When saying "no" is alright.

You discover responsibility,
You master a first chore;
You learn to put your toys away
That are left on the floor.

When a bad mood
comes into play,
Mr. Grouch is invented
so you can throw it away.

Once in a while
You are out of control,
Three minutes of solitude
Takes on a role.

Your personality blossoms
More and more each day;
I like who you are
And all that you say.

from: I Liked You at Ten, I'll Like You Again
~Taylor Copeland

Your heart is so big and overflowing for your brother Julia,
You get so excited you can't contain yourself but you don't know what to do with all that excitement!

~You are an awesome big sis to Jax and such a good job helping mom and dad care for him.
~Your personality has blossomed the past year and your love for Jesus has grown deeper.
~You sing "Happy bird-day dear Dod-Desus (God-Jesus)" almost on a weekly basis and burst into songs about Jesus and his love for us.
~Your child-like faith is a reminder to me, my faith and relationship with God.
~You always have a baby with you calling her sweetheart, honey, darling and giving many loves and kisses on a daily basis.
~You are always so active and busy.
~You like to know how things work and are beyond estatic to start pre-school in a few weeks and go to cubbies this fall.

Praying you continue to develop a love for life and a heart after God's.
Love you lots sweet girl!

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