Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Father's Day

Jeremy is a super fantastic dad.
He absolutely adores Julia (and she's a spitting image of him!) and I'm absolutely in love with him...way more so then when we got married almost 4 years ago!
Jeremy is a VERY calm, laid back guy and doesn't get too worked up about stuff.
Definitely balancing me out. :-)
He's so patient and gentle with fun and sarcasm thrown in there!
Thanx for being such an amazing husband and "dada" (as Julia would say) Jeremy! Love you forever and ever babe!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my mercy...

good heavens it's been long enough since I last blogged! mercy.
we're still here. sailing wildly through life.
last week i looked at jeremy and said, "maybe we should sell our house". he said "ok". which is what he says to pretty much anything i have to say.

now's a great time to buy but can be a rough time to sell. we haven't decided 100% yet to put it on the market but most likely will. we'd like something with more square feet (here in town) and it's looking like we could get more house for our money especially with interest rates dropping. and no, we're not pregnant. :-) if God opens doors and leads then we'll follow. otherwise we'll wait until He knudges again :-)

we're crazy busy fixing all the little things around our house that should have been done after we first bought it. it's so fun seeing it all come together!

tomorrow we get to have our small group over. love love love being with them. we've grown so close this year.

not much else to say. hopefully life will slow down sometime soon. so excited for megan to take our pictures next week!

happy almost weekend!