Wednesday, February 22, 2012


one month
 six months
 one year
 birthday hugs from sis

 crawling race!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! My heart is crying that you're one today, but, 
I'm also so excited to see how much you developed since you were born. At one year you:
are sleeping through the night most of the time 
(although this didn't start until about a month ago)
taking 1-2 steps
crawling SUPER fast
have EIGHT teeth
weigh 30 pounds
have an extremely infectious smile and contagious laugh!
LOVE bath time!
get smothered to death from your sister with love
are still a snuggler (which I LOVE!)
love to play outside
love to eat!
say: mama, dada, papa, nah nah (no-no), 
moe-moe (more), hi, bye-bye, juju, and thank you
the above you speak but only when you want to :-)

You have developed such a fun loving personality and we don't remember 
what it was like before you were born. 
How blessed we are by God choosing you for us Jaxon! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

things in strange places

What do you find when lifting the diaper genie to throw a dirty diaper away?

oranges of course!

And it's very important for a little boy to make sure there is a race car in
 the strainers for mama the next time she makes spaghetti

and bath time sweetness of my babes. love them SO much!