Friday, July 30, 2010


your world is enlarging,
there's so much to see;
the zoo and the park and the beach
are just three.
I'm here to protect you,
to keep you in sight:
your being safe
is my ongoing plight.
fascination erupts
you crave to learn;
I use lots of sunblock
so you won't burn.
not always aware
of why you're told "no",
you are continually testing
and on the go.
when we go shopping
I mist advise,
"we look not with our hands,
but look with our eyes."
the terrible twos
are thought of with dread,
but I say you're inquisitive
and just want to be led.
~ From: I'll like you at ten, I'll like you again.

Oh sweet Julia, our home has been Blessed beyond anything we could imagine.
What a precious gift you are.
I watch you in awe some days as you learn so many new things.
Some of your favorite things I want to remember at this age are:
you LOVE swimming
you sing and dance to any beat
bath time is a highlight of your day
you're VERY independent...your daddy says you get that from me :-)
you always have to be doing something, you can't sit still for long
you are very cuddly and love to rock at bedtime
you nurture your babies and dollies
you give LOTS of hugs and kisses
you LOVE car rides and going "bye bye"
you are already a people person-you love LoVe LOVE to be around people!

We love you Julia Jane!
Happy Birthday!

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Grami said...

What sweet thoughts, "Jewie-a". Made Grami cry. JuJu is so precious and so fun to snuggle and play dollies with. I am deeply blessed to get to take care of her.