Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jaxon Troy...

Was born Tuesday February 22nd at 12:09pm
weighing 9lbs 1.6oz and was 21" long!
BIG boy!

Three Generations
Kristi was my nurse for Jaxon and also when I had Julia. She is AWESOME! One of the many great nurses at the hospital that I had my babies at. She's extra special to us though because of being my nurse for both of our kids and a sweet friend!
He's so snuggly!

I've been HORRIBLE at blogging...obviously since this is the first post of the YEAR! Good honk! Things didn't do as planned after Jaxon and I came home. Between the two of us (him for jaundice and me for a post delivery infection) we spent exactly 14 days in the hospital after Jaxon was born. Things are starting to become a little more normal now as we've been home and are settling into a routine. I'm LOVING being home with my precious kiddos and my heart is already breaking for when I have to go back to work in May. I'm trying so hard not to focus on having to go back to work but soaking up these sweet little ones!