Saturday, May 3, 2008

All We Need is a Baby!

Here's our baby room, small and cozy. We still have to work on the curtains somemore but that's all.
We bought the crib and dresser the day we found out it was a Girl
It's a Precious Moments Theme if you couldn't tell already :-)
We tried to keep things neutral cause you never know...
Sorry this is Blurry. This is an upclose of the border.

This is a Ginormous Cat!

This is Maggie. We are her new home! My brother and sister in-law (Brandon and Shelly) use to have her but since they're expecting their fourth baby, they were ready for a cat break. She's pretty lovey and cuddly unless she doesn't know you then she growls. She has a pretty hearty appetite and we guess she weighs about 23-25lbs. Jeremy is trying to make her fatter but I'd prefer she stays the way she is. :-)