Thursday, December 31, 2009


Christmas is my absolute most favorite time of the year. Not just because of all the lights, pretty packages and decorations but for the true meaning of Christmas, the meaning of Jesus' birth, the reason I am here on earth and have a purpose, the reason I have the opportunity to live eternally in heaven through faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I was a labor and delivery nurse right out of nursing school and if you have ever been able to be a part of a birth of a baby you know that it is an unbelieveble experience to witness and that each birth is so precious and unique. Each child that is born has a purpose in this world. After being a part of hundreds of births in school and in my work it is still hard to grasp the depth of meaning that the birth of Jesus Christ has had. I can't wrap my head around how perfect HE is and His entrance was into this world. And Mary...what would it have been like being in her shoes?

That's just my experience that has brought me close to God and makes me so excited for the season. Here's some pictures of some of my favorite things from this year.

Julia's very first Christmas ornament. It's from her Grandma and Grandpa Ekeland the Christmas before she was born.

Remember this Tami? Thank you so much again! The Lakey's gave this to us the Christmas after we got engaged. Love love love it!

We had Christmas with the Ekeland's Christmas Eve which is tradition. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and didn't get any pictures.
The weekend of Christmas we made a trip to Denison (the town that I grew up in) for Christmas on my dad's side of the family. We had Christmas at my Grandma's house. That brought back a ton of memories from when I was little and holiday's spent with my cousin's. Unfortunately not all of my cousins and Aunt and Uncle were able to make it. It was a really fun time though but sad at the same time because that could be the last time we're able to get together at the farm for Christmas like that. With this trip I forgot my camera again. Sorry there aren't any pictures.
For Christmas on my mom's side we're celebrating this coming Saturday. Hopefully I'll remember to take my camera to this one!
This month has been packed FULL:
  • sickness and ear infections (with me...not Julia this time thank goodness!)
  • 6 Christmas parties including our life group ugly sweater contest
  • 2 white elephant gift exchanges-one which included Jeremy receiving "armpit juice". yuck. Thanks Brandon!
  • a winter wonderland Christmas wedding (SOOOOO beautiful!)
  • shopping with a sweet friend
  • baking
  • Christmas lighting
  • precious family time at home
  • packing a box FULL of Christmas goodies and blessings and shipping to West Africa to my cousin and her hubby-we miss you guys terribly this season but are so thankful that you are where you feel God has called you to be!

Hope you and yours had a meaningful holiday season. See you next year!

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new things

Last fall I found these letters at
Hobby Lobby for a steal. I brought them home, painted them and hung them up in Jewels' room. love love love them! They're so bright and happy and full of personality just like her!

Julia has been eating with utensils regularly for a while now and is VERY independent and strong willed...throws
the food and silverware when someone tries to help her. The
following pictures
are usually how most meals go. Enjoy!

out with the old...

I'm so excited at how God has provided!
About the past 2 months our ol' faithful 30 year old washer has been leaving nice little rust stains on all our whites (and other clothes). Before Julia was born we were debating whether or not to buy a new set. We just couldn't afford it then. And when our dryer quit working God blessed our socks off with providing us an amazing and practically new (2005) dryer in GREAT working condition for only $50. (Thank you again Marsha!!!) Well, we weren't sure if we should spend the money or not (I have HUGE buyers remorse when it comes to purchasing anything) but knew that with the old beast (pictured below) we were ruining all our clothes and there really aren't any other options (for long term) then to get rid of it or take all our clothes to mom and dad's. So......

tuesday night we headed to sears after work. God is so unbelieveble! A front loader that is cheaper then a top loader?! It is being manufactured by a different company and they are selling all these models at close out prices to make room for the "new" brand (even though they're the same thing pretty much).
Those lights and buttons make lots of noise and talk to me when it turns on and I program it. :-)

It only uses 18 gallons of water or less every compared to the 45-55 gallon per wash beast of a machine that we had. I just cannot get over how amazing God is at providing and openning doors. I am overwhelmingly blessed!

They had a matching dryer but we have the fairly new one that has been working GREAT.
We talked about getting it, but are making ourselves be content with what God has provided. Alot of people don't have dryers that work well and we are blessed for what we have.