Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've pickled my first batch of cucumbers today.
This is Jeremy's grandma's recipe...definitely a whole family favorite on the Ekeland side.
You will need: Canning salt

Apple Cider Vinegar

Red Pepper Flakes (if you like pickles with a kick)
You'll also need dill and wide mouth canning jars.
Before I set everything up I wash the cucumbers and then put them in a bowl or the sink in ice water.
While the cucs chill (for about an hour) I set up all my jars, take the lids off and fill them with dill, red pepper flakes and a few of them I put in sliced jalapenos for really hot pickles.
I don't sterilze the jars or lids because that process is taken care of during the heating process in the oven.

I then put the cucumbers into the jars. 3-4 will fit in each jar depending on the size of the cucumbers.

After the cucumbers are in the jars I make the brine which is:
2 pints water
1 pint applecider vinegar
1/4 cup canning salt.
btw 1 pint is 2 cups of water...just incase you were wondering...I had to look it up today! :-)
Heat brine to just about boiling (and making sure salt is disolved) and then pour over pickles in jars.
Above amounts of ingredients will be enough for 3 large wide mouth jars.
Place lids on as tight as possible and place in cold oven.

Once jars are in oven like above picture turn oven on to 225 degrees.

Leave jars in oven for one hour and take out immediately.

Then after they cool just store in a cool dry place.


Friday, June 18, 2010


Somebody was just a little scared they were in a lot of trouble for getting into the desitin. We won't tell her that I thought it was funny at first, until I had to scrub hard to get the greasy mess out of her hair.

first one of the season.

You may think this is corny...blogging about a cucumber, but I was so excited this evening when I went out and found this.

It's our first cucumber of the season out of our garden. It's a pickling cucumber and it's HUGE! About 7 inches long and 4cm in diameter. If they all come up like this, pickling could be a challenge.
Jeremy's grandma Mable has the absolute best pickling recipe. She's an amazing cook and has so much experience as she lived pretty much her whole life on a farm and gardening in the summer was their whole livelyhood to survive in the North Dakota winters.

So excited when more come in and we can start canning!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 5, 2010

On June 5th, 2010 we welcomed Carmen Goering to our family!
Addy's prayers were answered and she now has a Mommy.
A year ago Addy started asking her Sunday school teachers to pray for a mommy for her.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially these!
The mother's (my Aunt Carolyn is on the right) lighting candles.
Addy and Tresa

Carmen coming down the isle

Congratulations Jason and Carmen! You had a beautiful, meaningful celebration.

We hope you had a wonderful time in Jamaica!!!