Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Firsts and Long Time Goodbye's


Little Miss is a big girl now with her very first highchair! I loves it! She likes to sit in it and watch Jeremy and I do the dishes or make her cereal and bottle.

First Christmas and it's all so exciting! Julia LOVED all the pretty lights and of course music!

Here she is in her Christmas dress

We had our family Christmas on my side of the family the Sunday after Christmas at the Fireside room since we're getting too ig to fit in a house. My family picture minus my two brothers and their wives and families.
This is what little miss thought of the Christmas celebration.

Tresa andAddy were nuts over Jewels!

And this is the long good bye. My cousin Melissa and her husand JJ are going to Togo Africa in March to start a Bible camp there. They won't be home for two years!!! Mel and I are very close and I will miss her like CRAZY! Love you!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Big Stuffin's

A few days before Thanksgiving we started Julia on Cereal and boy was that a hoot! It took her a week or so to get use to it but now she LOVES it!
After...haha, so cute!
It's so super precious how she sucks on these two fingers all the time!

She's also gotten to discover the Johnny Jump Up, first time in it (daddy put her in it backwards) :-)

And today she was introduced to sweet potatoes! She really liked them although I think she likes her cereal better.

More to come about Christmas...