Wednesday, September 21, 2011

third birthday party

I know this is really late but better late then never right?!
Birthday Theme: Hello Kitty
Juju's Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple and Green
Favorite Song: Jesus Loves Me and singing at the top of her lungs!
Favorite Activities: swimming, playing outside, mothering her babies, loving up her brother, playing with cousins and shopping with mom.

 Trying to get a "normal" picture from this kid...I wasn't too successful.

Some of the little girlies eating their "cupcapes" together

Squeezes for my boy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

first day...

...of preschool for this girl started the end of August.
To say she LOVES it would be an understatement.
She walked in on the first day and dropped her bag at her teachers feet and headed right for the toys. We immediately had an etiquette discussion as to how we are to behave and hang up our own bag!

To get this girl to stand still for a picture was like nailing jello to the wall!
She's a sweet (and sometimes sassy) bundle of energy!

Super excited about her new "for preschool only" hello kitty backpack and asked me to take a picture of her wearing it.

Pretty sure this girl will be one that loves staying busy with school activities from the looks of it!

little home

has gotten an update!

new roof, paint and shutters all within about 3 months this summer.

Too bad we didn't have it painted over four years ago when we first moved in and could enjoy it all this time. Ryan Dirks painted it and it looks AWESOME!!! He did such a great job!

For those of you that don't know, we listed our house on the market back in July and it's still on the market. The housing market is horrible right now and we're busting at the seams with four people in a two bedroom home! We are continually learning to trust God through this and it will sell if that's what He wants for us!