Friday, October 8, 2010

We found out we're having a...

...sweet baby boy in February!
We are so excited and feel blessed beyond words.
Jeremy was able to make it to the sonogram with me yesterday
afternoon which made me SOOOOO excited!
It was sooooo evident it was a boy!
I LOVE seeing my baby through a sonogram.
The skeletal system is so defined.
You can see each little, individual disc that connects to another one
forming the chain of his spine.
His little tongue was moving in and out of his mouth
and he kept putting his little fingers in his mouth.
He flexed his muscles for us and we saw the outline of his little arms and legs.
His little heart beat steadily and there were 4 chambers in it.
It's hard to wrap your mind around how tiny they really are.
After my sono I went to see my OB doctor to hear the report.
Jeremy had to get back to work by now so I went to this appointment alone.
This is nothing out of the ordinary, going to an appointment alone,
I thought that our baby looked so perfect and there
would be nothing "out of the norm" to report.
When my doctor's assistant came in she told me that they found two
abnormalities in his little heart. Two spots in his left ventricle.
My sweet baby boy's heart is no longer perfect like I thought it seemed to be.
They aren't able to tell yet what these abnormalities are foresure so the first part of December we will be sent to have a fetal cardio-echo-gram (a high tech sono) done with a pediatric cardiologist right their reading the sono. This will determine what is wrong and how this will affect him (long or short term),
the delivery and care after he is born.
They didn't say that it's not nothing so they've indicated that it is something.
They aren't able to tell at this point if this is something he will grow out of or medication or surgery for him will be required.
My heart aches at the unknown.
Waiting two months to find out what is wrong will be hard. extremely hard.
I feel helpless for my little baby boy but not hopeless.
God's hand is in this situation and this we are 200%
positive that God has a purpose.
We have placed baby boy Ekeland in God's hands completely.
That is something that I find myself doing over and over throughout the day.
My brain and emotions are exhausted tonight from going to work today and fighting back the worry about the little one inside me.
I have to keep on moving through the day even though I just want to make time stop and hit a fast forward button to hurry up and get to the outcome of what this could be.
We would love for his little heart to heal between now and the sono and that they wouldn't be able find anything wrong.
We feel God drawing us closer to Him already as a couple and a family and
we're praying that God's hand of healing will be on our baby and
ultimately HIS will will be done.
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future
Prayers Requests:
*for growth and strength for baby Ekeland
*that Jeremy and I would release all fears and worries, continually, to God
*for our families as some of them are having a difficult time with the unknown results at this point (as Jeremy and I are too).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

pickin' pun'kins

This was our first year going to a pumpkin patch. Julia had a BLAST!!!
The weather was absolutely beautiful and I found out that the sweet nurse I use to work with and who was my labor nurse when I had Julia owns the pumpkin farm! We went to Papa's Pumpkin Patch out north of town close to Goessel.

Julia loved helping pick out the "pun'kins" and loved the maize of the patch
(even though every other step she took a tumble!)
The corn was her favorite part, she played and played and played and didn't want to leave. Poor girl, atleast she settled down when we gave her some bar-b-q chips.

I'll post pictures of all the pumpkins we got later.
I highly recommend Papa's Pumpkin Patch, the admission is free, the pumpkins are VERY reasonable and the owner is pretty sweet too! Thanks for the fun afternoon Kristi!