Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've been tagged from Alisha to give some info about my hubby and I and here it is!

Husband's Name: Jeremy Troy Ekeland. His dad wanted to name him Jesse. Thanks Bonnie for picking Jeremy! Jeremy doesn't seem like he'd be a Jesse.

How Long Married: Three years this past July 16th.

Dated How Long: Well, we've known each other since 1999 and technically weren't allowed to date until he was 17 but we went on dates anyways so I'd say about 6 years.

How Old is He: 22 and a half...his birthday is April 23rd.

Taller: Him...he's 6'5 I'm 5'7

Who Can Sing the Best: probably me

Smart: Jeremy is definitely technical and book smart. His mind is geared toward wires and hands on things. He was always an A student and didn't have to hardly study. He LOVES math and creation too!

Laundry: I'd say Jeremy does more of this then I do. Since we both work full time we've just kind of gotten in the pattern of when we get home from work I'll feed Julia and he just goes and does the laundry...he's so super good to me!

Paying Bills: I pay our school bills and car out of my account and Jeremy takes the mortgage and other bills out of his account.

Who Sleeps on the Right side of the Bed: If you're laying in bed Jeremy is on the right side of the bed...we switched sides last spring!

Mows the Lawn: Jeremy does, I love to mow but when I was pregnant and ever since I had Julia he won't let me touch the thing.

Cooks Dinner: Usually me but Jeremy helps me out quite a bit

First to Admit Their Wrong: I am extremely stubborn would have to admit that Jeremy is the first. I've gotten better though but still need to work on it.

Who Kissed First: Jeremy kissed me first.

Who Wears the Pants: We both make decisions together or find a way to compromise. Jeremy can be so quiet and I can be so loud that quite a few people have made comments that I (Jennalee) am the one to wear the pants...hahaha that's understandable.

And here he is:
Now I tag Katrina, Jess M., and Tami V.

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