Friday, November 14, 2008

Out on a Limb...God I'm in your Hands!

Today I resigned at the hospital, giving my two weeks and starting full time training at Hospice December 1st. I am so incredibly excited about this opportunity and am in love with the care and support that Hospice supplies to their patients. I've started orienting already on days that I have free in between home life and still working at the hospital. We prayed for a couple of months about this decision and finally ran with what we felt God was telling me to do.

The Joy of this job is that it's Monday through Friday, pretty close to 8am-5pm hours, one on call weekend a month or so (no other weekends except the on call weekend!), awesome paid time off accumulation, the freedom of being able to see Julia or Jeremy during the day or take Julia to an appointment if needed and fantastic staff to work with who have devotions every morning together and lift each other up.

Through all these positives I have a heavy, burdened heart yet a peace only God can give. It is way to entirely long to try to describe on here but if you think of Jeremy, Julia and I...would you keep us in your prayers. We (together) made this decision about my job and knew that it was a perfect chance to go out on a limb giving ourselves the only option to give our lives fully and completely to God to meet our needs...His "future" perfect timing for moving me to a full time status, providing good insurance and meeting all of our financial needs. I personally can become very scared about the next several months being so uncertain if I don't consistently pound into my brain that God is BIGGER then this situation, he has put this through his filter first, don't try to calculate without's not going to work if I do and that he is carrying myself and my family in his hands...I would be crazy to think that God would ever let us (me) fall out of His hands.

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The Sieberts said...

it sounds like an awesome job! are you having a hard time leaving your old job? i will pray for your transition and that you would trust God to fulfill His plans for you! let us know if you need anything!!!!