Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Weekend in Topeka!

Jeremy and I went to Topeka with Mom, Dad and Marla to visit some cousins, Aunt's, Uncle's, Grandma and siblings for Father's Day weekend. Eight little ones all under the age of eight or nine were a blast running around in the yard together!
All the preggo's posing Charlie's Angels. All three of us are due in about a 3 month time span. Shelly (in the kapris) is due in July, Me in August and Katrina the very beginning of October.
Jeremy and I
All the cousins minus Jessica...we missed you Jess!

Gavin red hot from running around trying Papa's way of cooling off by pulling his shirt up under his arms. He was literally about to pass out because he wouldn't stop playing. All the little ones in the middle of playing hard at racing each other around the tree
Clara Marie (our neice) posing for the camera.
Ethan Eli (our nephew) just after eating ice cream and an oreo cookie with his Dad
Jeremy thought Jewels shoulden't be left out :-)
Grandma Will
Abbie and Anna from Wyoming, missing cousin Jessica who couldn't make it.

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