Monday, December 6, 2010


Help me!!!
I'm picking out new frames and have 6 different pairs to choose from.
The ones below are my current pair.

What do you think my style is?

1. Pink with brown in the center.

2. These are deep purple with etching and some sparkles on the side.

3. Black withlight pink around the edges and on the back.

4. Black with a purple flower/rose on both sides of the frame

5. Brown with teal edging and on the inner side of them.

6. Brown with a flower/rose on both sides of the frame
(these are the exact same as the black ones above)

What's your opinion?


Momma H said...

I think I like #2 on you the best. The others are more over powering.

The Sieberts said...

i like #2 :o) OR my second choice is what Tammy said :o)

LadyGunn said...

I gotta go with #2 - they accent your face nicely without hiding it.

Amy said...

I vote #2 or #5. And I'm curious what Tammy said. :)

The Ekeland's said...

What did tammy say? I don't know haha

papa said...

think they all look good--but please leave the name on the lens, it's the style now, and makes the glasses look even better..

The Sieberts said...

oh, haha. never mind...i got i misread something :o)