Tuesday, November 23, 2010

oh the things you say...

You are a ham Julia Jane. We never know what's gonna come out your mouth and have learned quickly over the past 6 months that you have become "peat and repeat".

Some things I don't want to forget that you say or do frequently:
  • You talk to your toes. Your usual conversation with them is: "Hi toes! How are you? Good toes? I'm glad!"
  • "Thank you so much!"
  • "Praise da Lord!"
  • out of the blue while playing you come over to one of us and say "I wauve (love) you!"
  • "I need a wuave"
  • We wake up in the morning to you singing "Happy Birdday (birthday)!" in your crib at the top of your lungs.
  • "I need a sticker, honey."
  • "oh goodness"
  • "Skunnay skool!" (Sunday school)
  • "I need my big girls" (I need my pull-ups)
  • "yaadybug" (ladybug)
  • "Be bery careful with baby brodher"
  • "Where is baby brodher?!"
  • "SQUEEZE baby brodher!"

You are so loving and full of life. Even though it's challenging at times (ok a lot of times) I love how God gave you so much character. We see your heart growing and changing already when you talk about Jesus and we pray you become a woman after God's heart.

You're not physically a baby anymore, you're growing into a little girl...but you'll always be my baby (I understand what a mother means when they say that now that I am one).

Love you sweet girl!

(hair do compliments of your father)


Momma H said...

Face it - she definitely has Will blood in her. (And Ekeland, of course)!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

That is a great idea to write down all those things. We do tend to forget over the years. I do recall Jill singing the song "and if the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack, sit on a tack to stay." She would say "sit on a tack Tuesday."