Thursday, December 31, 2009

out with the old...

I'm so excited at how God has provided!
About the past 2 months our ol' faithful 30 year old washer has been leaving nice little rust stains on all our whites (and other clothes). Before Julia was born we were debating whether or not to buy a new set. We just couldn't afford it then. And when our dryer quit working God blessed our socks off with providing us an amazing and practically new (2005) dryer in GREAT working condition for only $50. (Thank you again Marsha!!!) Well, we weren't sure if we should spend the money or not (I have HUGE buyers remorse when it comes to purchasing anything) but knew that with the old beast (pictured below) we were ruining all our clothes and there really aren't any other options (for long term) then to get rid of it or take all our clothes to mom and dad's. So......

tuesday night we headed to sears after work. God is so unbelieveble! A front loader that is cheaper then a top loader?! It is being manufactured by a different company and they are selling all these models at close out prices to make room for the "new" brand (even though they're the same thing pretty much).
Those lights and buttons make lots of noise and talk to me when it turns on and I program it. :-)

It only uses 18 gallons of water or less every compared to the 45-55 gallon per wash beast of a machine that we had. I just cannot get over how amazing God is at providing and openning doors. I am overwhelmingly blessed!

They had a matching dryer but we have the fairly new one that has been working GREAT.
We talked about getting it, but are making ourselves be content with what God has provided. Alot of people don't have dryers that work well and we are blessed for what we have.

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The Sieberts said...

we just had that discussion today about our dryer. We THINK its costing us more to run it, but yet at the same time, do we really NEED to spend money on another one if it works? we should be thankful for what we have...thanks for the reminder! :)