Saturday, July 25, 2009


What a week! God has definitely been teaching me to be patient, place all my cares in His hands and not get so uptight about things.

~Our week started off with Julia getting better from her ear infections (YAY!!!) but then I missed three days of work due to an awful sinus infection and an infection in both ears.

~Jeremy is coming up on a deadline at work and he's been going pretty hard. Well to enhance the mood of the stressful situation, Tuesday, he came home with his back window of the company van knocked out and the center all vertically dented inward...he backed into a dumpster that was in his blind spot when he was leaving work for the day. He feels awful about it and thankfully his boss knows that.

~Here's the part that has been the biggest struggle. The first day back to work from being sick I went to see a pt and that pt passed away while I was there. What has been so disturbing was how that pt passed. I can't give details but matters were out of my hands and dignity and respect were not upheld. That is the goal of my profession, to provide utmost dignity, respect and care to anybody I take care of, young or old. What happened in this situation I was not able to control and I feel like I took on the guilt of this playing over and over in my head what I should have done better although on the part of other people being there, it wouldn't have changed the situation. This is where God is teaching me to totally release the situation in to His hands. I know now that God will deal with those that were involved in the situation and caused it to go badly...not to make it sound negative like He will deal with them harshly but these other people are in God's hands and it is not my place to worry about it anymore. God is so good and I've been able to let go of the situation slowly and not think about it so much. Out of this situation it has made me be more aware to prevent this from ever happening to another pt.

For some happy thoughts:
State surveyed our company this week and we have ZERO deficiencies company wide! Praise God!!!

Today we're having Julia's first birthday party. Lots of family coming and we're really looking forward just to be able to be with everyone!

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The Wallace's said...

I think Sat. was a big day for birthday parties! We had Abby's 2 year Bday party, a lady I work with had her son's 3 year Bday party, and it was also Julia's 1 year Bday party! What an eventful day for parties!!!