Friday, July 10, 2009

"it's tomorrow"

As Jeremy rolled over and gave me a hug this morning before getting out of bed to go to work he whispers in my ear...

jeremy: have a happy birthday

me: ok, but it's tomorrow.


jeremy: i knew that.

hahaha! that makes me laugh.


Jenilee said...

I still follow your blog because well, how often do you find another JEremy and Jenilee! :)

This was so cute. Happy Birthday - tomorrow. :)

The Ekeland's said...

And I still look at yours. That's too funny!

Aaron and Shannon said...

That's hilarious!!! At least he was remembering! Aaron forgot mine last year and didn't say anything about it until I called him on my way to work to remind him!!!!

Katrina said...

That's funny! Let's hope he remembers tomorrow! See you in Topeka!