Saturday, May 9, 2009

spring happiness!

This year for Mother's Day Jeremy took me to pick out flowers to be potted! This evening was absolutely BEAUTIFUL to be out potting plants. In our backyard we have an old grill and since we would never use it, last year I filled it with dirt and put some flowers in it. It turned out great so I did it again this year.

Gerber Daisies are my favorite. I LOVE the color of this one! It's so bright and refreshing!
Iris's grow along our fence in our backyard in purple and yellow this is the first one of the season.
This is by far my most favorite plant I got today. It's a Fuchsia. If you've never seen one before it looks like pink and purple cherries are hanging in clusters with little "bells" inside the clusters. The backyard is so peaceful now, ready to have me swing and relax.

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gatheringpeeps said...

gerber daisies are my favorite, too!!! they just make me smile!!! :)