Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Warning! This is a long post with no pictures because I forgot my camera. Sorry!

Last Friday Jeremy, Jewels and I headed to Olathe and KC for the weekend to see my friend Dayna in her nurses pinning ceremony.

The trip over there was a little rough.
Jewels was not happy to be stuck in her car seat.
She's a get out and go kinda gal!
Friday evening consisted of meeting Dayna at the most amazing restaurant EVER!...Chic-Fil-et. Yummy!
While we were eating we saw Pam Buller.
They just moved to Olathe and were excited to see someone they knew.
Chic-Fil-et was followed by a trip to Target! (one of my most favorite places to go!)
We finally got checked into our hotel at about 8:00pm, watched some cable and attempted to put Jewels to bed. She went down alright but was probably up a total of half the night off and on crying or talking to herself.

Saturday was started off by shopping!
We went to JCPenny outlet mall and browsed. Didn't find the ottoman I was looking for (one to hide her toys inside but one that could be utilized for sitting on top).
Then headed over to our most favorite place we would always go window shop when we were in college at MidAmerica Nazarene University...Overland Park Mall or Oak Park Mall.
I love that mall.
I don't know why, I guess it brings back happy memories of when we didn't have responsibility and our dates of window shopping.
I got a purse and wallet. I love them.
The mall was follwed by Target again where I got the ottoman I'd been looking for.
Lunch was at Chic-Fil-et again and we ate with my friend and her family.
A quick trip back to the hotel to change clothes and we were off again to Dayna's nurses pinning.
We got to see a lot of old friends and find out that a new little one is on the way for Mike and Sarah. Congratulations you guys!
Dayna, you are fantastic and did an amazing job! You worked so hard, Congratulations!

Saturday evening we just chilled in the hotel room (with another run to Target!), ate some chipotle and Godiva cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (absolutely FABULOUS!).
We headed home Sunday early afternoon after a stop at Bass Pro Shop and KC Masterpiece.
It was a long trip home with a cranky little girl again but we made it!

Yesterday Julia was throwing up and the way she was acting I'm pretty sure she had the flu. My mom was sick as well as Abby Wallace who my mom watches.

Today Julia has been very congested and has a horrible cough, hoping that it stays out of her lungs.

Pictures soon to be put up of all the work Jeremy and I did (mainly Jeremy) in the living room and kitchen ceilings last month. Hope you're having a great week!

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men"
~Colossians 3:23


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I hope Julia (as well as your mom and Abby) are feeling better now. Throwing up sure isn't fun.

The Ekeland's said...

Especially when they're this young and you don't have warning or they don't have the ability to puke in a bowl!