Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo and Family Time

Jeremy, Julia and I went to the Zoo today. It was Jewels' first trip. The first part she wasn't all that interested, especially in the jungle area.
But then we got to the big kitties and boy howdy did she LOVE those! They seemed to love her too! The little lion came over to check her out. She started screeching and giggling. She got so loud that a little crowd started to gather around to watch their reaction with each other.

She also love this statue of a tiger. She's like her momma.
I've always LOVE those wild animals.

We ended the day by stopping at Mark and Bonnie's house (Jeremy's parent's) and cousin Alexis was there. They had a blast playing together. Before they haven't really been able to interact a whole lot because Alexis was just learning to sit up on her own and then she got so sick. So sweet together!

Hope you're having a fun, relaxing and memorable holiday weekend!

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