Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Kitchen Happenings!

Last summer before Julia was born we put in a microwave hood above our stove. Before the microwave there use to be a 1950's hood (no microwave) that was all rusty. Well...ever since we put that up all of our junk had been exposed! Last weekend Jeremy finished making the cabinets (since he had to cut out space up into the cabinets for the microwave to fit), painted, hardware applied and waaa-laaa!

This is the finished project! It looks a million times better! Thanx babe for doing such a great job!

We are also working on putting up a new ceiling in the kitchen (the day before I took my state boards in May of 2007 Jeremy was putting up a fan light in the kitchen, slipped off the 2X4 in the attic and landed on the sheet rock. Needless to say a VERY large crack appeared immediately in the kitchen ceiling! He sure knows how to lower my stress level before a ginormous test!!! hahaha). The ceilings we will work on this coming weekend. Yesterday Jeremy tore out the florescent light above the sink and is now working on putting up two can lights. We're slowly but surely updating this 1950's humble abode!

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