Friday, September 12, 2008

Black Hills...But they didn't look black

This was engraved in pillars displaying flags from every country down the walkway to the Mount Rushmore Heads. They had all the states engraved (one on each side of the pillars) in alphabetical order.

While Mom, Dad and Marla watch Julia, Jeremy and I took a hike around Mount Rushmore. This was a view through a cave below George.

Here's Lincoln. All those rocks below the heads are part of the mountain that were blasted off during it's making.

This is me in the elevator after our hike, I was about to die. Jeremy thought there was something wrong with me. Ha Ha

I LOVE wax figures, always have. I've been just as obsessed with them as I have pregnant women! We visited the National Presidential Wax Museum while we were in Keystone (Mount Rushmore) This is George Washington.

This is Abe Lincoln before this beard.

Mr. Bush Man

Jeremy and I got to take a helicopter ride around Mount Rushmore. This was the view. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Jeremy thought it was worth $65.00 a person, but I thought I paid those jokers $65.00 to make me sicker then a dog.

This is an old Miners building/shaft from the 1800's that we saw from the helicopter.

Don't drink and drive folks. I don't know if this person was, but it sure looked like it. This car was at the entrance/exit of our hotel the morning we left Keystone. Hilarious!

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