Monday, July 14, 2008

Kitchen Happenings

Jeremy and I decided to become ambishous this last weekend and try to get new countertops installed before Julia is born. Here are some before and afters!
The south counter sporting the 1950's white shiny laminate with gold speckles

The west counter with the same laminate. Previous owners must not have had enough countertop to finish out the whole length or they thought it would be amazing to just have finished, chipped wood as part of the counter (far left)

The wall behind the sink is sheet rock that got torn up last fall when Jeremy ripped off the dark brown paneling.

Jeremy had a horrible time getting the old countertops off. When they were installed years ago the people had screwed down wood and then filled the screw holes with putty. They then glued the laminate down...tight. So to get the old ones off he had to chip all the laminate away then the putty and finally got to the screws. We would have been done much sooner Saturday then 10:30pm but that's alright. The joy of owning your own gave us quality time together!

The finished result with a new faucet and sink!
Me and big belly making some tea on the new counter, it was pretty amazing
I LOVE our new faucet!!! The top part pulls out to use as a sprayer
Hey's all one piece!
South counter. Our microwave use to be on this counter and take up most of the space but God royally Blessed us on Saturday when we found an amazing deal on a microwave hood combination that we'll be hanging above our stove hopefully before Julia is born. Now I have more room to decorate in our little kitchen! The fun cutting bored leaning up against the wall is compliments of Emilie Chase. It was my birthday present!


Marc and Sarah said...

Very nice...Enjoy your new cabinets. We don't have new cabinets; we only have a new refrigerator to enjoy!

The Ekeland's said...

When did you get your new fridge? It's always so fun to have something new that everyone can enjoy.

The Wallace's said...

WOW!! Your new counters look great! You guys are vey ambitious, we are not ambitious people- maybe thats why it takes us an eternity to get a project finished :) Oh well.

the mcclenahans said...

The kitchen looks great. I bet you are glad to have that done. Hope you are feeling ok. I bet you are anxious for Julia to arrive...we are too!

Marc and Sarah said...

We, at the last minute, bought it in April -- when our old one just quit working. Rather than calling a repairman, we just bought a new one :)